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Ballot-Flurin : biodynamic nasal spray for cold

€ 10.00


biodynamic nasal spray for cold


This gentle, all natural nasal spray is an effective relief for sensitive noses in cleaning up and clearing out congestion, without aggressive ingredients or alcohol.

Contains organic white propolis harvested on beehives in the Pyrenees. Perfect for nasal health in dry and irritating environments (winter cold, A/C, tobacco, pollution).



Clear your nose into a tissue. Delicately introduce the tip in the nostril and spray. Wait a few seconds before blowing your nose again. Use up to four times a day, as needed. Clean the tip with hot water after use, place the stopper back in place, and put in the box.


organic ingredients



Energized and isotonic preparation that respects the interior sensitivity of the nose and sinuses.                                                                                                                           
50% purified French white propolis extract, certified 100% organic, originating from beehives in the local micro-terroir of the Pyrenees.   
No animal testing



"Beekeeping and mountaineering are entwined within our soul. We love our Pyrenees, but also know their ruggedness. We created this nasal spray with inspiration from the old, natural recipes of our forebears, to better support us in the rigorous cold of mountainside beekeeping."

- Catherine Ballot-Flurin.




Ballot-Flurin takes solar, lunar and cosmic cycles into account in the management of the hives and in deciding when exactly the beekeeper will perform their harvest. This respects the natural laws of the world and universe, allowing them to truly act harmoniously with their bees. This beautiful quality reflects in their honey & other products and makes them truly something special.