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Why is the color of my Stretch Oil different form my old one?

Products made with natural ingredients, like flower extracts or plant oils, may vary in appearance depending on the natural circumstances of the harvest that year. Little differences in color or texture are normal in S a a r products, and have no impact on quality, in fact it is a healthy sign of a natural product!


If you don't use synthetic preservatives, what do you use to preserve your products and make sure that they are safe and free from bacteria and mold?

S a a r products do not contain water so they don't need a preservative to keep them fresh. It does mean that to guarantee freshness,  we only produce in small batches because the freshness date of natural products is more limited then in products that contain synthetic preservatives. 


I have an expired product - will it hurt me?

The Best Before date on our products is only a freshness guide but not an expiration date. This means that the products are still usable, but less effective. We have products in stock for 4 years and they are still fine. You can extend the use of our products by making sure you keep them cool, dark and dry. We recommend using your own best judgement and if it smells "off" , don't use it. 


Where can I find the expiration date on S a a r products?

You will find a printed number on our boxes or labels that looks like this: 010918. In this example this product is guaranteed to be at its best before 1 September 2018. This code is also our batch code so we can always trace your product.


How do I know if your products can cause allergies on me or my baby?

Some people are allergic to herbs, oils or bees-products that our products contain. You are the best judge of what is safe for you or your baby. If you are concerned please look at the ingredients list in our product information to see if any of your known allergens are in the product. If you still have doubts or any questions, always consult with a trusted healthcare provider who is knowledgeable about the use of herbs and bee products. 


Why do you use glass bottles and jars?

We are committed to honor and respect the earth by choosing natural ingredients in our products as well as natural packaging. Glass bottles are environmentally friendly, beautiful and have been shown to protect and store natural products containing powerful substances like essential oils, in the best possible way. We promote recycling and use only natural products in all aspects of our company. 


Are all of your products really organic?

Many products claim to be natural or organic, but how can you be sure? That is why we disclose all organic or natural ingredients specifically on the packaging and on the product page. This way you know exactly what is in each product. Almost all our products are 100% organic. If a product is not 100% organic it is simply because a specific ingredient is not available organically. 










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