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Ballot-Flurin : alcohol-free White Propolis Extract

€ 16.00


A multifunctional concentrate of organic white propolis extract. Created specially for the natural health of children (3y+) and adults that do not consume alcohol. Natural support for seasonal sensibilities, to boost immunity & localized hygiene.

~ Seasonal sensitivities : sore throats, red eyes and runny noses, sneezing, fatigue. Contributes to the natural defenses of the body against pollen and grass, dust, animal hair, allergies.

~ Immunity : energizing and fortifying, recommended during cold season , low immunity and sport

~ Mouth/ear/nose wash : Purifying and rehydrating. Ideal after brushing your teeth and use with dental mouthwash. Supportive of the natural microbial balance of the mouth. Adapted to aural and nasal hygiene.

~ U s a g e ~

To strengthens the body: 10 drops per dose up to four times a day.

Mouthwash: dilute 20 drops in half a glass of water. Mix well with your saliva and hold in your mouth as long as possible.

Ear wash: drop 20 drops in the evening on an intact eardrum.

Nose rinse: 1 to 2 drops per nostril, three times per day.

Nasal blockage, sensitive throat: soothing treatment for 7 days or maintenance for 21 days by ingesting 10 drops up to four times a day.

Use on skin: 4 drops per application up to three times a day.

*Recommended for children over 36 months old and adults wishing not to consume alcohol. 


~ M o r e  t h a n  o r g a n i c,  B i o d y n a m i c ~

Ballot-Flurin takes solar, lunar and cosmic cycles into account in the management of the hives and in deciding when exactly the beekeeper will perform their harvest. This respects the natural laws of the world and universe, allowing them to truly act harmoniously with their bees. This beautiful quality reflects in their honey & other products and makes them truly something special.



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