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{ About Amber } Posted on 18 8月 12:00 , 1 comment

Amber is millions+ of years old and it actually is not a stone, but fossilized resin from a pine tree. The first time I had seen it was on a necklace of my mom. She, being a great believer in the healing power of Amber, told me that it could take pain away. I loved that as a child and made me believe that nature has magical powers that nobody understands. When I became a mommy myself, I used the beautiful little necklaces for my children when teething. I loved the beautiful colors and soft feel, and the fact that they are ancient little things just is so amazing!

So when I was developing the baby line, I discovered there is also a fluid form of Amber. This deliciously warm and earthy smelling stuff actually comes from a prehistorical pine tree. I don't know if it is just my personal little story with amber as a girl, and the fact that it reminds me of my mom, but I still feel Amber really is something super special. Adding it to my recipe of the Baby & Child Oil gave it that magical touch and delicious scent that I was looking for.



And I still don't know how, but.... it actually helped my children through their tummy aches and restlessness and made a perfect soothing bath oil which made their skin smooth and healthy every day. I have always been convinced that baby products must be good for mommies, they are just the softest care products around. With this oil it seems more mommies feel exactly the same; as they turn out to be the biggest consumers of the Baby & Child Oil! I suspect that the Amber-smell must have something to do with it......


 Add a little Amber- Baby & Child Oil to the Bath. Relax. 




{ About Orange Blossom } Posted on 22 6月 04:30 , 2 comments

Orange blossom is one of those scents that just make me happy. It is joyous, sweet and fresh, like a ray of sunshine. It is just irresistible and on top it has numerous health benefits to the skin. I am in love with Orange Blossom, so let me tell you a little more about why.

Orange Blossom is a fragrant distillation of fresh bitter-orange flower. It has that ultra rich citrus feel but combined with the softness of a white flower. No wonder that since the times of ancient China these flowers were symbols of purity & innocence brides wore on their wedding day! The tradition of using orange flowers has spread from the East to Europe, during the times of the Crusaders. Now, during the orange blossom time in spring, millions of beautiful delicate white flowers scent the air throughout Florida. Spaniards brought bitter oranges into St. Augustine in Florida, in the 1500s, now one of the world’s largest producers of oranges.

Did you know that It takes 1,000 lbs. of orange blossoms to make 1 lb. of Orange Blossom Oil? and it is worth every drop! By merely adding one drop to a balm or oil, the skin comes to life. And, being one of the most loved fragrant flowers, orange blossoms have become indispensable in the perfume industry of today.



Balances the skin

I pick Orange Blossom as a favorite ingredient of SAAR Stretch Oil. I use it every day, not just on my body and tummy, but also for my face! It nourishes my skin perfectly, without making it greasy or shiny, and I love the smell!

Applying Orange Blossom as a hydrolat (flower water) or in an oil like our Stretch Oil on the skin can benefit both acne prone skin and mature skin. For acne prone skin, the citrus oil can clear and help the inflammation. In older skin that needs regeneration, it rejuvenates using the flavonoids in the oil and increases cellular metabolism.

And: is one of the only citrus oils that is not phototoxic! meaning you can get a little sun while wearing it...With skin symptoms such as scar pigmentation, broken capillaries, and overall uneven skin tone, Orange Blossom can improve and minimize these symptoms.

No question this jewel will be in more then one SAAR products to be, so stay posted!