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{ About our California road trip } Posted on 14 2月 11:30 , 0 comments

For the first time in my life I set foot on the United States California in September 2015. Seeing San Francisco coming closer from the plane is such a delightful sight. Surrounded by sparkling water it just seems like straight from a storybook. After being separated for 6 weeks we were so happy!  Everything I had heard and saw about California in the media still didn't prepare me for the astonishing beauty of this place. If you have been there, I'm sure you know what I mean. Who doesn't love the sunshine?! Here are some pics of our road trip from San Francisco to LA...and back. If you would like to see...


Strolling the streets of San Francisco I felt so thankful finally seeing this former hippie-city I had heard so much about. I thought it was so much more quaint then I had imagined, not at all the buzzing city life, but more spacious and relaxed. Didn't see to many hippies hanging around though, as the Bay Area is taken over by the revenge of the Nerds; technology! Still the city has a lot of charm with it's rolling hills, beautiful victorian houses and artistic feel. And hands down the best sandwiches in the world... at Lucca Deli on Chestnut Street. 


It is so fun to finally see our products in this amazing shop in real life. The many wonderful items in this shop are all unique finds from the owner Judie, which makes her shop so special. If you want to find a true treasure for your home, garden or a special gift, this is the place! emilyjoubert.com


Temple to water, Woodside CA.

Now we're off to a town called Carmel by the Sea, where I am told Clint Eastwood used to be the Mayor in the eighties. He still lives around here so it seems. I am starting to feel like I am in the movies for real. Looking for specialty stores for Saar, we run into a linen shop called Jan de Luz (jandeluzlinens.com).  This shop is owned by a French lady called Brigitte and has the most beautiful Linens with embroideries that can be made in the shop on the spot. 


The dance of the pelicans around Carmel was breathtaking.....

Isn't this just the most romantic place in the world? Nature here is overwhelming. During a walk on the beach dolphins just decided to do a private show for us...


Always hard to say goodbye, but then came: Santa Barbara. I could not believe the beauty of this small city and it is easy to believe Hollywood actors love to live around here. They kept this city so well, it has a Spanish feel because of the pristine Spanish Colonial Architecture that is maintained throughout the city. Combined with the beach, the American sense of Hospitality and style, this city is in one word: Grandios! 


It is delicious to sit outside at The Andersens restaurant & bakery on State Street in Santa Barbara. andersenssantabarbara.com 


We feel like we just entered a house in Florence during the Renaissance at this beautiful B & B bungalow owned by Mike & Kelly. The bungalow has it's own hot water tub in a secret little garden in the back, with a little fireplace, perfect for a romantic hide away surrounded by beautiful tropical plants and hummingbirds. It is called My Santa Barbara BNB and you will find it on airbnb.com




Our trip got sadly interrupted by the news that Mauricio's mom was facing her final hours and we flew to Colombia unexpectedly to be by her side. Of all times we didn't bring all our papers on our road trip so we had to fly back to SF and then to Cali, Colombia. It was totally surreal and what was most touching were the sweetness and warmth of the people in Colombia. We would love to come back here under different circumstances to visit my dream city: Cartagena


 See you next time Cartagena xxx


Back in LA, Beverly Hills


Beautiful homes in Los Angeles



Although our sales trip was cut short and we had so little time, we found this brand new selling point in LA! We hear that the stars do their secret shopping in this avant garde little store......Here you will find from candles to couture and everything in between:  espionagela.com


Those palmtrees!!! This is my city!!!! 


After waking up in our wonderful little B & B in Santa Monica we went to have breakfast at Shutters Hotel. This Hotel, whose logo was done by Mauricio in the nineties, has a delicious beachy feel, wonderful lobby and the best spot in town, overlooking Venice Beach. Next to it is it's luxurious Sister-Hotel called Casa del Mar, where we walked into a club-like huge and beautiful lobby, where the Hollywood crowd loves to hang out. 


The view from breakfast at Shutters Hotel, Venice Beach.

Honestly, I did not think Los Angeles would make such a big impression on me, but I absolutely loved it! Don't know if it is it's beautiful beaches, lush vegetation, quaint neighborhoods, the mix of creative people or the flair of Hollywood, but I am definitely in love ! As for business, I thought Californians were so exited and friendly and they adored our products. So now our products are in LA, New York and Charleston. We made so many wonderful contacts and although it is a time and energy consuming way to do sales, it just fits with me. And in the mean time, I get to see most amazing places! I really feel like the luckiest girl in the planet. 


{ About Beautiful Holland } Posted on 14 8月 16:00 , 0 comments

Traveling to new exotic places must be the most fun thing to do, we both love it! So honestly, discovering Holland never appealed to me that much. After spending most of my childhood here, the landscapes with the green fields, cows and mills have become cozy familiar to me, but exiting? hmmm, no. So this summer we went on salestrips for SAAR I was so surprised by the many quaint towns we found, with their beautiful old houses, little canals and I completely rediscovered the beauty of Holland! One of my absolute favorites is the city of Leiden, where we found a delicious terrace on a summer afternoon, tucked away in the back at the bottom of the fortress. It is called "het Koetshuis de Burcht" and sitting there somehow transports you to the old 1800 when Leiden was a city of trade and books. The walls of the city have beautiful poems and we even ran into our favorite poet Pablo Neruda!



Even the children are starting to enjoy these practical trips that can turn into fun as well! Ilaya, my 14 year old daughter, specifically enjoyed lunch at Fleurie in Bloemendaal. In fact, her sandwich was so good she is trying to get me back there ever since! I am overbearingly proud when she adds her favorite products to my sales-talk, in fact she is so good at it that I think I'll make her head of Sales one of these days :-).



And my little one, Tycho (almost 8 years old!), having been rubbed by mommie's balms all his life, promotes SAAR to total strangers and is so exited about all the new stores. And he loves the pancakes at The Pancake bakery on the Prinsengracht! Here you can have pancakes of the most exotic kind, but guess what he ordered? Pancakes with bacon! His favorite city is now; Amsterdam. 

So now, after this summer you will find our products in many more stores! Check out "where to buy" and find out where we have been. Can't wait for our next salestrip: California here we come!