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Saar Soleares Blog | Natuurlijke oplossingen voor gezondere moeders en kinderen .


Our retailer in South Africa

February 18, 2016
We met Letty when we were visiting Amsterdam and ran into this cute store called Anna & Nina, where they sold special items, jewelry, accessories, gifts etc. We like the organic approach and d...
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California road trip

February 14, 2016
For the first time in my life I set foot on the United States California in September 2015. Seeing San Francisco coming closer from the plane is such a delightful sight. Surrounded by sparkling w...
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Amber: pain relief for children

August 18, 2015
Amber: pain relief for children Amber is millions+ of years old and it actually is not a stone, but fossilized resin from a pine tree. The first time I had seen it was on a necklace of my mom. She,...
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Beautiful Holland

August 14, 2015
City of Leiden Traveling to new exotic places must be the most fun thing to do, we both love it! So honestly, discovering Holland never appealed to me that much. After spending most of my childhoo...
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Packaging made in Florence, Italy

May 05, 2015
Made in Italy On the way to the press check at Conti Tipocolor in Florence, where I wait for days with my love Mauricio Arias, designer of Saar Soleares, in a small press room to achieve the p...
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