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Saar Soleares has been covered in the media a few times. You could have seen us in magazines like: Happi Kidz, Wendy, Happinez France, Sweet Cabane, Fabulous Mama, Libelle Mama and more!  



Sweet Cabane

Paris 27 June 2017, go to Website






M Word Mag

April 2017 , go to Website



 Gezond Nu

Fall 2016




Zappy Ouders

Belgium, spring 2016





Libelle Mama

Spring 2016, Belgium, go to Website





Organics Magazine

April 2016,  Spain , go to Website






Fabulous Mama 

March 2016 





Happinez Magazine 

November 2015 






June 2015 




Happinez France

Summer 2015




Happi Kidz

Fall 2011 


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