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Stop using toxic deodorants! & how to switch to a natural deodorant

Stop using toxic deodorants! & How to switch to a natural deodorant

Trying to go toxin-free and all natural ? Start with using a natural deodorant!

It’s often the daily things we consume or use on our bodies that have the most impact on our health. Did you know that you might be building up toxins and damaging your organs because of using the wrong deodorant? Sounds scary right? but the good news is: they are super easy to replace with a toxin-free, all natural deodorant. 


Aluminium & paraben free deodorants

The first thing to pay attention to when looking for a natural deodorant is that it’s aluminum and paraben free. Both ingredients have been linked to increased health risks: aluminium can build up toxins in your organs and parabens can lead to hormone disruption. Unfortunately these toxic ingredients are in most regular deodorants.

Armpit detox: from antiperspirant to natural deodorant

When switching from a deodorant with aluminum to a natural deodorant without aluminum, you are basically switching from an antiperspirant to a deodorant. An antiperspirant contains aluminium in order to blocks sweating, as opposed to a natural deodorant without aluminium, which only neutralizes body odor. To make this transitions you need to give your body some time to release waste which has been blocked. Meaning in the beginning you might still have some unwanted odor, but this is actually a good sign that your body is detoxing! The odor will get better in a week or two, so just be patient and give your body time to adjust.


Use antibacterial soap

If you want to help your body along a little in the transition you can also use an antibacterial soap in the shower like our turmeric Extravagant soap from Greece. This will get rid of unwanted bacteria under your armpits that your body is releasing.

Natural Turmeric Soap



Why a natural deodorant powder works best

I am a big fan of natural deodorant powders, especially when you transition from an antiperspirant to a natural deodorant. The powder naturally absorbs sweat (without blocking sweat) and also reduces friction, keeps your skin dry and cool, gives your skin an extra layer of protection and gets rid of odor. Powders also don’t stain your clothes like a cream or spray can do.


Switching to a natural deodorant is always worth it!

After trying many natural deodorants my absolute favorite are all natural deodorant powders by The Ohm Collection and I adore their smells! They are made with only high quality natural ingredients, like maca root powder and amethyst powder, nourishing oils, and of course they are aluminium, toxin- free and 100% natural.

Was I able to convince you to switch to an all natural deodorant?
If so:, find my favorite natural deodorant powders here:


Natural Deodorant Powders : The Ohm Collection

And remember when you are detoxing and experiencing some discomfort at first,  that you are making a healthy decision your future self will be forever grateful for!

With love always,


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