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How to use essential oils on babies & children

How to use essential oils on babies & children - SAAR SOLEARES


How to use essential oils on babies

Becoming a mom 16 years ago for the first time was a shift in life nobody can ever prepare for. All of a sudden all I cared about is how to make this little miracle being happy, safe and healthy in life. And this is something that has stayed ever since. I think it’s what we all want for our children and making decisions on what’s good for them are not always easy to make. This also applies to the choices we make for their health, like the usage of herbal remedies and ethereal oils. There is so much information, I remember it to be quite confusing. Through the years, I have learned so much about their powers, safety, quality and applications that here is where I hope to shed some light for you and keep your children safe & healthy while supporting them with these wonderful powerful natural remedies.


Applications Essential Oils

On the skin

Ratio for babies & small children (under 4 years old): 1 drop of essential oil on 3 tablespoons of a carrier oil like almond oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, or other mild, gentle, skin-friendly oil.  

With most mixtures I recommend rubbing it on the bottom of the little feet before going to sleep and putting cotton socks on. It is a safe and effective way to let the oil do its work on the body. 


In the bath

Don’t you just love it when your bath water smells good? Adding essential oils to the bathing ritual is also a great way of using essential oils.

Lavender and Roman Chamomile are good choices for babies & small children. It is best to add the essential oils to some milk or carrier oil before adding to the tub. Use 1-3 total drops per bath.


Room & Clothing

Scent children's drawers containing bedlinen or pyjamas with your favorite baby-safe essential oil applied to cotton balls. {this mom loves this too!} Or use our Saar Soleares Mandarine-lavender Ambience Spray especially for babies.


Essential Oils most gentle &  recommended for babies


frankincense  { Boswellia Carteri } 

mandarin {Citrus Reticulata }

lavender { Lavendula Angustifolia }

mirtle {Mirtus Communis }

roman chamomile { Chamaemelum Nobile }



Support immune system & relax

My favorite for supporting the immune system. This is a perfect oil for using during the colder months and rubbing the mixture on the feet before nappy time. It is a relaxing oil that balances mood swings and crying in babies.

Use by diluting 1 drop  in 3 tablespoons of carrier oil of choice and massage on the on the bottoms of the feet, 2-3 times a day when needed.

Bruises & bug bites

Use topically on affected area by diluting 1 drop  in 3 tablespoons of carrier oil of choice and massage on.



Anxiety & travel

Mandarin is a sweet smelling oil with a calming effect. Babies & children love the scent,  and unlike other citrus oils, it’s sun-safe {not phototoxic, which means there is no irritation/inflammation to the skin with sun exposure}. Mandarin reduces anxiety and negative feelings and can be used to help a scared baby sleep better. Also calming after a fall or impressive experience in combination with Bach Rescue remedy. Mandarin is my favorite for traveling with babies!

Mandarin essential oil for baby

Use by diluting 1 drop in 3 tablespoons of carrier oil of choice and massage on the on the bottoms of the feet, 2-3 times a day when needed or before traveling. 


Mandarine is a calming, antispasmodic oil that can help soothe indigestion. Use topically by diluting 1 drop in 3 tablespoon carrier oil of choice, and massage a small amount gently on stomach and back , clockwise.



A wonderful calming oil that s a staple in my household and many of our products contain lavender as well. Does wonders to soothe the red, itchy skin around the rash. It helps disinfect the skin, relieves pain and enhances blood circulation, promoting faster healing. It is also a wonderful sleep-aid and effective ingredient to our Sleepy Balm and Mandarine~Lavender Ambience Spray. Use in combination for best results!

Diaper rash

Use by diluting 1 drop in 3 tablespoons of carrier oil of choice and fill in a little spray bottle. Spray on and to clean & heal baby buns with rash.

Fever & Sleep Aid

Use by diluting 1 drop in 3 tablespoons of carrier oil of choice and massage on the on the bottoms of the feet, 2-3 times a day when needed.

Ear Aches

Babies are notorious for getting earaches and ear infections. Used by diluting 1 drop in 3 tablespoons of carrier oil, mix and dip on a cotton swab and rubbed around and behind the ear will offer some relief. 



Coughs & Colds

Excellent for problems of the respiratory system . It is very gentle and will help to combat infection, expel mucus and induce relaxation. It is the key ingredient in our Coughs & Colds Balm. It can be used as a chest rub. To make one yourself you will need 1 drop of Myrtle to 3 tablespoons carrier oil. Then  rub on the chest, back and under the feet.


Roman Chamomile

Roman Chamomile is known for its calming reputation and has been soothing & very useful in treating a number of issues with babies.


Roman Chamomile is soothing for tantrums and will also promote a good nights sleep. 

To calm a tired, upset baby, use by diluting 1 drop in 3 tablespoons of carrier oil of choice and massage on the on the bottoms of the feet, 2-3 times a day when needed.


Mix 1 drop of Roman chamomile with 3Tbsp. of a carrier oil. Use a small amount to gently massage the outside of the face along the jawline. Don’t use internally!


Does your baby have a dry, itchy, scaly scalp?  Try a chamomile scalp treatment!  Mix a drop of Roman chamomile oil with a three tablespoons of sweet almond oil and rub into the scalp.  You can rinse it out if you want to, or you can let it treat the scalp overnight.  Chamomile is also known to lighten hair over time, so be aware you might up with blondy locks!



Topical used essential oils can be safe and very effective in babies & children when used correctly! Remember essential oils are very concentrated and you need to be very careful with them. A little goes a long way.

I recommend NEVER to use essential oils internally with babies or children. And always make sure the essential oils are mixed with a carrier oil first, before applying them to the skin.

Do not use essential oils on babies less than 3 months of age. Baby’s skin is not mature yet and therefore more permeable and sensitive to essential oils. Unlike adults, newborns are not as capable of dealing with adverse reactions to essential oils. There should be even more caution with premature babies, avoiding all essential oil use until they reach at least 3 months after their due date. 

Get only authentic, organic, pure essential oils. Essential oils that are premixed with alcohol can be irritating. And of course avoid any synthetic fragrances, which are completely different from essential oils, don’t carry health benefits, and can be irritating to the skin. 

Always test for skin sensitivity prior to usage and use on the feet when possible.

Keep out of eyes, ears, or nose. 

Be sure to keep all bottles of essential oils away from babies & children.



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