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Why facial oils are the best for healthy skin

Why Facial Oils are best for healthy skin | anti breakout moisturizer

Struggling with your skin and can't figure out why?
Maybe it's your facial product that's holding you back from your best skin! We  think oils are amazing skin food, better then a cream or lotion
and we have the research to back it up!

Here is why many dermatologists think Facial Oils are the 
easy solution to reaching healthy, glowing skin fast:


Organic plant based oils are similar to the natural lipids
found in our skin and
and therefore can help repair and regulate your
skin's moisture barrier,
which is responsible for oil production.
That's why using facial oil when you have acne-prone skin or oily skin,
is the best solution to slow down an overcompensating
natural sebum production. 


When the oil is absorbed by the skin,
the top layers of our skin treat them as their own resulting in a
reparative, moisturized effect that slows down
the aging of the skin.


It contains zero toxic ingredients,
like toxic preservatives 
and additives that most lotions or creams do have.


Oils are best at locking in moisture due to their occlusive nature.
After your skin has absorbed water from a shower or bath,
Facial Oil seals the hydration in.

Needless to say: I adore oils! And use them on body, face and hair. I have seen amazing results with both myself as my customers. You can shop our bestseller skin product Facial Oil, an amazing anti break outs and anti aging moisturizer in our online pharmacy here.

Tip: oil yourself on damp / wet skin or hair when coming out of the shower! This will lock in extra moisture and give you maximum results.

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